Are all Thai Rehabs the same?

By reading various rehab websites you would be forgiven for thinking that all rehabs offer the same level of service, qualified staff, facilities, experience, safety and treatment program and the only variable is price.

But you’d be wrong.

In Thailand, only 4 rehabs that have reached a level of excellence that have been certified by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health to be Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation centers – a process that takes a minimum of 2 years to achieve.

Being accredited by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health means that ALL aspects of the rehab have been thoroughly audited and approved to meet the high expectations required. Things like credentials and experience of staff, treatment program, detox protocol, documentation and handbooks, facilities, kitchen hygiene, safety standards, yearly mandatory training, company legality, staff ratio...among others, all designed to ensure that clients receive the highest level of treatment, in a legal, structured, experienced and safe rehab facility.

Why is dealing with a licensed rehab is important?

Just as you would select a certified Hospital and experienced Doctors to deal with your physical health, you should also expect the same when dealing with substance abuse issues and your mental health. Rehabs that are certified are such because they have reached a certain standard. Unlicensed rehabs have not, which may explain why that unlicensed rehab is a bit cheaper.

Don’t risk or compromise your health to unlicensed rehab facilities. Your health is more important.

What does it mean for you?

It's important to only seek help from licensed professionals that meet the high standards of the Ministry of Health, rather than dealing with a facility with no standards or quality control procedures.

Choosing a licensed rehab center in Thailand gives you the comfort and confidence that you, or your loved one will be treated by a facility that has met the very high standards of the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. It means that they have been established in Thailand for many years, will be treated by highly capable and experienced professionals in a facility that is safe.

Which rehabs are licensed in Thailand?

Who issues the license?

The Thailand Ministry of Public Health is a Thai governmental body responsible for the oversight of all public health in Thailand.

What does the license look like?

The Ministry Identity Badge is a green seal similar to a stamp, with the words Ministry of Public Health written in Thai above and in English below the logo device in the middle as seen here.